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Tremuluxe Deluxe

It’ll beat your psycho killer
Your next best-selling thriller
Fill your soul, make your head thinner 
Apply generously here, just a dollop over there 
Got everything you need, boys, girls, and sinners
Never need to shave again, understand the hearts of men
Eight hours straight, never need to find your zen
Limited time, get in line, get a glimpse of divine
All you go-getters out there, the answer to your prayer
You know what you need
Pick up your telephone dial what you see on your screen 

Get it soon before supply runs out
Step up little lady
Get your Tremuluxe Deluxe

Forget your hunger, forget the heat
Forget other men’s promises, we won’t beat
That’s your friendly neighborhood guarantee
Don’t wanna waste your time, do you think I would lie?
You would see through it and it would waste mine
Trust the seal of approval of all humankind
Tell me why are you waiting, are you out of your mind?

Step up my good friend 
Get your Tremuluxe Deluxe

Oh no, but you’re shrewd you wanna see it in action
Check that it’s just to your satisfaction
That’s a sensible thing
Or you could trust in your gut that you know what you need
Why should you hold back, you were born to lead?
You trend-setting, go-getting powerful maker of change
A light shining forth for the new age

And just when you think that this offer’s too good
I’ll promise you something I’m not sure I should
The big boss will kill me, but you won’t believe 
This little bonus gift I’ve got hidden up my sleeve
Never gonna toss again or fear what lives in your head
You can invite the whole world to your bed
The more the merrier, the martyrs, the meaningless matters 
Oh you’ve twisted my arm
I’ll give you a dream
Senseless oblivion finally giving you what you need
You’re quite welcome, but no need to thank me

Step up everybody
Get your Tremuluxe Deluxe

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