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High on a Hill

I was up so high

Bird’s eye view, now the ground is rushing toward me

Stuck on a string and I don’t feel anything cause it’s dumb, cliché, and boring 

I was holding out for hope that I didn’t want someone to catch me


Cause your footsteps would bring you here all along

And it was foretold that I would swoon, that I would crumble at your feet

Right in front of me

I fall but on the ground I see 

Mismatched socks with holes sticking out stained and dusty, pointed pleather things


Strike one, two, three, tell me who’s up next, excuse me

Which coiffed up prince steps up to bat to use me?

The life that I was meant to leave consumes me, you assume

That me and all my petty dreams will lose me


My chance at at anything real

But what’s more real than the world inside my head 

I can touch it, I can feel it,

You can’t just waltz in and steal it

Quite frankly I’m amused that you would try

But credit where credit is due

If it could be anyone it would be you


Cause your chariot was coming all along 

And it was foretold that I would reach the highest heights and I would fall

And on my deathbed I would sing a lovely tune

But I croak and I see in the mirror that this dignity will be denied me too


I wrap and wrap around your finger 

Just to unwind myself again

I’d say that you were special 

But I’ve done the same for lesser men

I’ve prayed to God

I’ve prayed to Satan 

I’ve prayed to come alive again

In weaker moments I even prayed 

That you would be mine again


But I remember when I was on the hill top, oh so high

I would look down from the clouds and watch the world pass me by

I was once in charge of the plot my life would follow

I let it get away from me and now I feel so hollow


I was up so high

Bird’s eye view, now the ground rushes toward me

I was stuck upon a string and I don’t feel anything 

Because it’s dumb, cause it’s cliché, and cause it’s boring

I foolishly held out hope that there’d be

Someone waiting right out here to catch me

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