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I am the girl with one hundred faces

And I have reserved one for you

Lips upturned and smirking while my eyes are working

To get that filthy skin off of you

With my feather and crook I was helping you move

Onto pastures much greener than you ever knew


I was thinking of you

And how you would look trapped between the pages of this book

Dried flowers replaced by brittle bones oh, no, no

No I’ve debated for quite some time and there’s not a thing we wouldn’t do

To keep to keep these little pieces of you


With a million people to offer what I got

I’ll give you a bird or two

Not that you deserve it, not even sure you’re worth it 

But what else could I do?


I was thinking of you

And how you would feel trapped behind the eyes you couldn’t steal

The rubble lies above your mind unbroken

More is pouring down, who cares if ya drown?

We’ll save your skin to keep another piece, another piece of you


And in the stars I can read things you won’t like

Or would you rather I lied to keep you feeling special

I didn’t mean anything by it just let it go

I swear I’ll tell you what I think, your voice it’s grating

Over me soon I’ll be able to taste your weary sighs,

I promise this will not be a surprise

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