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Freedom Plz

Get your pious tongue out of my ear
I just want to disappear, I want to go somewhere
I want to be anywhere but now
I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to hear
I don’t hear the news again, again, again
It’s more than I can stand

Precious little zygote, I want to wrap you in a winter coat
Made of lamb or fox or mink, I’ll give you a bath in the kitchen sink
Of my tiny apartment that I can’t afford for formula
But you’ve got that new baby smell I guess
That’ll pay the rent

I can’t believe I have to ask for freedom
Though I’m not surprised
It makes the pressure in my alien blood begin to rise
Now night and day I want you fearing our demise

Oh was I supposed to sing something here?
I guess I was a little busy brining forth life,
The baby you made me have


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