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The Bitter Suite

I was told when I was young
That we are all of us fools in love
So I’ve made up my mind
To leave lovers behind
I’ll make them a key
And invite them to stay with me
In the Bitter Suite

When I was old, I turned from sorrow
I went and forgot I wanted anything from tomorrow
Wish I had regrets
Wish I could shed a single tear
Wish I had the words
Wish I had heart enough to sing
"The Bitter Suite"

This strange sinking feeling that
Feels like it’s got away from me again
Well, it’s leaving me empty
With plenty of room for dreams
I never let myself have
For fear that they’ll finally come true
I’m glad that you’re here
And you see this wallpaper too
I confess I wasn’t sure I wanted you to

In the Bitter Suite I’ll stay and
I’ll make some room for you
With this bitter suite we’re singing
I’ll add harmonies for you

I was told that one day I’d miss
The days when the world came together like this
Don’t know what to say
I hate to say I told you so
Wish I could agree
Wish I had the guts to try the taste
Of something so bittersweet

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